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Welcome to Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings: We are a South African and European consulting firm that provides financial related services to both public and private corporations. Since 2000, we have been offering our American, Australian, Chinese, Canadian and British clients a wide range of financial services and creative IR strategies throughout Europe.

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For Immediate Release

(Special Message: If you are looking to list on the GXG Markets UK, the best broker dealer to contact is RST Capital, www.rstcapital.com or email listing@rstcapital.com. Effective immediately, IFXBG will send all listings to RST Capital for the GXG Markets.)

For Immediate Release March 18th 2013. On 6th February 2013 IFXBG Limited was issued with a notice that their membership of the GXG exchange had been suspended pending a review by GXG Markets’ Regulatory Team.

During the review process, IFXBG Limited asked for assurances related to the status of the GXG Markets as having been passported into the UK, that the sophisticated investor stock exchange “GXG First Quote” has sufficient safeguards to ensure the investors within the First Quote where “sophisticated” under UK Law and EU, and that these items of which IFXBG had been operating under in good faith of GXG representations be confirmed. GXG Markets First Quote operates as a UK unregulated stock exchange under the auspice of a sophisticated investor market.

Without the assurances, and the recent decline of registrars within the UK to work with GXG companies, IFXBG Limited has decided that GXG Firms are not the profile of firms or exchange for IFXBG Limited to be working directly with in the UK Markets.

IFXBG Limited has therefore withdrawn membership on the advice of our UK compliance which has been accepted by the GXG Markets on this basis.

All IFXBG clients sponsored on the Exchange have been given 30 days’ notice to sign-up with RST Capital or find another sponsoring broker dealer.

IFXBG Limited is no longer a member of the GXG Markets, and has been terminated effective immediately by IFXBG Limited.

Compliance Department info@ifxbg.com

IFXBG Limited

If you are looking to list your firm on the GXG Markets, please contact RST Capital www.rstcapital.com, listing@rstcapital.com. RST Capital is the exclusive broker dealer working with IFXBG to assist clients interested in going public on the GXG Markets.

IFXBG Limited will assist your firm to upgrade to London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, New York Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange, and various African Stock Exchanges as designated by license. Contact IFXBG at info@ifxbg.com if you would like to list on a regulated high volume market in 30 days.


FSE Listings: Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is still possible for your firm!
Changes to recent rules for Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings:
Your firm that desires an FSE Listing needs to have a market capitalization of 750,000 euro which means the company has shares that have been issued to that amount based on assets and value paid for those shares
To qualify for FSE Listings your firm needs to have a 1 euro share price
If your firm didn’t apply for acceptance into the Frankfurt Entry Standard by July 1st 2012, then a prospectus will need to be written and prepared. With a prospectus, audited financials and a third party valuation of asset value is required.
If you are interested in listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Entry Standard contact info@fselistings.com.
In addition, FSE Listings Inc has extensive investor relations programs available to currently listed firms trying to increase their trading volume and awareness.
An alternative to listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is listing on the London Standard Market, which ranges from 300-350k GBP. Some firms charge as low as 200k GBP for listing on the LSE.
If the London Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings are too cost prohibitive for listing, one could try using the Broker Dealer IFXBG Limited, who is a broker dealer that lists firms on the London Exchange “GXG Markets” which is one of the only true OTC markets within the UK.
If you are looking to go public or upgrade to a higher standard board, here are the contacts you need to know:
FSE Listings Inc: Info@fselistings.com (For upgrading your listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, preparing the prospectus for upgrading to Entry Standard listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, or Berlin Stock Exchange Listings.
IFXBG Limited, Official GXG Markets Broker Dealer (http://www.ifxbg.com), for listing on the GXG Markets Regulated, MTF, and OTC markets. Contact info@ifxbg.com
For London Stock Exchange Listings (http://www.londonstockexchangelistings.com) contact Ryan@ifxbg.com.


There are many reasons why the GXG Markets within the UK have the advantage of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to become the new World Stock Exchange and global OTC market for firms.
With the closure of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange open markets there is no longer a real OTC market in Frankfurt. Start-up firms and firms searching for liquidity in Europe once went to the Frankfurt Open Market, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or bought a Frankfurt Listed Shell for sale, and made a market raising funds for their firm.
The exchange rules changed, and not only did the open market get taken away, but a new toxic regulation enforced by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for volume trading.
Basically BAFIN and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange agreed on the requirement of constant trading requirements on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, however, the market maker is responsible. Thus, by making the market makers responsible for the bid and ask, every time the market maker puts up a BID that an investor hits, the market maker goes into debt. Every market maker then signs and agreement for the company to pay this debt. Thus, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has made a toxic trading cycle of which “Frankfurt listed companies” need to buy back the shares from the market maker. Thus, companies end up buying back all of their shareholders shares.
For most markets, such as the UK, a UK listed firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange who has to pay the market maker for the shares would in most cases have to make a tender offer to all shareholders of the company at the same price. Basically, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and its market makers have formed a jurisdictionally “grey area” which is not really in compliance with the jurisdictions of the companies that are listed on their exchange.
Regardless of the legality, the companies take on the debt of buying back shareholders shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange simply is just not worth the risk to companies to do. Companies need to seek alternative stock markets, such as the GXG Markets in the UK.
For Frankfurt Listed firms, they have the deadline of July 1st to apply to the entry standard without a prospectus, and December to build a prospectus and meet the Frankfurt Entry Standard’s requirements. My advice to companies, is list your firm on the GXG markets while you still can before you become knocked off the Frankfurt markets and are no longer public. If you want to stay a public company, move to the GXG Markets.
Who is the best Broker Sponsor for the GXG Markets?
One of the Frankfurt and Berlin listings specialists IFXBG Limited (http://www.ifxbg.com) can help move your firm from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Berlin Stock Exchange to the GXG OTC Markets (http://www.gxgotcmarkets.com). Contact info@ifxbg.com.
This article has been written and published by FSE Listings Inc, http://www.fselistings.com The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings professionals.


Frankfurt UK Listed Shell For Sale on the FSE

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 @ 08:03 AM
posted by admin

We have a debt free shell company for sale on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company has financials available for building the prospectus and is deliverable in full.

The firm was a “hotel and resort” development, which has sense raised capital privately with no requirement of the public company.

– Incorporate July 2011
– 227,228,310 shares issued at 0.10 par
– Market Maker payments up-to-date
– Active Market
– small outstanding balance with transfer agent that can be settled upon acquisition
Contact Us If Interested In Purchasing this shell info@fselistings.com


Berlin Stock Exchange Listings as an Alternative to Frankfurt Listings

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 10:02 AM
posted by admin

A Market Trained To Invest In Foreign Equities (US, Canadian, UK, Australia, South Africa, China)

With growing internationalization and consolidation pressure in the European Stock Exchanges such as the OMX NASDAQ, NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse, Borse Berlin has pursued a successful niche strategy since the mid-nineties, with a particular focus on trading the widest possible range of foreign stocks. The German speaking euro-economic market accepted widely this proposition which allowed them to trade foreign companies stocks whether primary or dual listed on a local exchange, with immediate trading and fast order taking, affordable trading and easy to use platforms for their local market. Thus, the Berlin Stock Exchange developed a subscription of investors who utlize their platform for investment and trades. The success is apparent by the increase in trades and the growth of the market. Therefore, as a newly listed firm on the Berlin Stock Exchange, there is an actively trading equities market looking to invest in foreign firms. The strong trading market of over 100 million population is very attractive for foreign companies looking to go public, especially from the US, Canada, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Asia in general, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Africa in general, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South America in general, Guatemala, Honduaras, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Italy, the EU in general, the UK, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, and India.

The Börse Berlin Stock Exchange has secondary stock listings for over 6,000 US securities normally listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, and pink sheet markets. In September 2007 Börse Berlin AG, operator of one of Germanys oldest stock exchanges, acquired control over London based Equiduct Systems in order to offer new state-of-the art stock exchange services to financial institutions trading in the European markets.

With this acquisition, Börse Berlin became a 323 year old “start up” introducing Equiduct as a sophisticated trading platform launched on 20 March 2009.”

The Berlin Stock Exchange is open to new business with relatively relaxed requirements that allow for your firm to list in 2-3 weeks.

To see if you qualify for a Berlin Stock Exchange Listing, contact info@BSEListings.com or call us at +19146133889

BSE Listings trades under the mark IFXBG, which is a licensed FSA Broker Dealer. As a full service Investment Bank, our legal, accounting, listing, and compliance services exceed the individual services you may be provided by a going or go public consultant or law firm. We are licensed to assist in listing, financing, and engaging in mergers and acquisitions activities within the EU. We are not aware of any other firm who can provide the full services supplied by our firm outside of Germany.

As a Licensed Broker we can prepare and submit EU Directive prospectus documents within the UK for listings on the Berlin Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and UK Stock Markets.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings




The capital markets are definitely unforgiving with changing regulations, changing listing requirements, and changing exemptions but the only unchanged consistency over all for small businesses raising money to go public on a stock exchange is getting “sophisticated investors” interested in your firm.

Every jurisdiction may not have exactly the same name or the same criteria, but what is common is that there is an exemption for investors who qualify. These are sophisticated, accredited, qualified, and high net worth investors.

Within the United Kingdom, there is one FSA regulated database called the Qualified Investor Register, which takes the self-certified documentation and stores this information for regulated and unregulated offerings to refer to as a way to “categorize” the type of investor they solicited. However the database itself is not allowed to be used for solicitation.

In all of our research there has actually only been one database privately held that assists Qualified and Sophisticated Investors. The two websites based on the different terms are http://www.sophisticatedinvestorregister.com and http://www.qualifiedinvestorregister.com.

We highly recommend going to one of these websites and seeing if you qualify. A private database for registering your self-certification will allow for in the future firms like Facebook, or LinkedIn, or other major IPOs to have the right and legal ability to contact you.

Most people miss the high profile IPOs because they are not certified and or recognized reasonably as being “sophisticated” even though they do qualify.

I suggest going and seeing if you qualify today at http://www.sophisticatedinvestorregister.com.

Again, the benefit is access to a pretty exclusive club of investor opportunities that only self-certified sophisticated, accredited, and qualified investors can access.

For companies, the sophisticated investor register opens up the opportunity of being able to contact potential investors under a universal exemption. This exemption immediately can add your profile to fund managers, brokers, and IPO experts who make exclusive offerings, but cannot without certification. As part of the service, you receive a QR Code – Identification system, an official certificate to be signed and faxed back into the register, and free filing of your information with local government databases.


Qualify for major IPOS if you are a US, American, Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Chinese, Indian, EU, Latin American, Central American or UK Sophisticated Investor you need to certify today! If you are not sure, qualify and we will get the proper documentation for becoming part of the register!

US Accredited and Sophisticated Investors. In the United States Securities Commission (SEC) definitions of an accredited investor the most common classification that people actually are include a natural person with an annual income of over $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 or net worth or joint net worth exceeding $1 million USD excluding the value of primary residence. However, there are definitions for trusts, business directors of the issuer, employee plans, retirement plans, and trusts that also make up this definition. (http://www.sec.gov/answers/accred.htm)

We do encourage small business owners, trusts with assets over $5 million, banks, insurance companies, business development companies and small business investment companies to register as well. The point of registering is to keep record of your ability to participate in offerings you would and could qualify for. This is an invaluable free service by http://www.sophisticatedinvestorregister.com.

Canadian Sophisticated – Accredited Investors. As a Canadian, the terms are pretty general across Canada for Accredited Canadian Investors. In Ontario Canada, this exemption extends to $1 million in financial assets or net worth of $5 million. One of the particular point is of course persons the OSC recognizes as an accredited investor, which again brings us back to certifications inside of a database that has collected your data as a third party to verify and file with local authorities if required or part of a subscription or offering. (http://www.osc.gov.on.ca/en/21943.htm) Most of the Canadian Accredited Investor jurisdictions are similar to that of Ontario with a few small differences in definitions of assets. See if you are qualified as a Canadian Investor.

As a registered accredited, sophisticated, and high net worth investor, you can generally invest as much as you want to as long as you the primary and principal investor are certified.

Australian Sophisticated, Professional Investor. Within the Australia Sophisticated Investor registration process, the caveats are a little stronger with a requirement of an auditor to give proof of net worth of $2.5 million or two consecutive years of $250,000 per annum. Otherwise, it is defined by the investments size of over $500,000. The most common exemption is generally the professional investor in Australia, of which again there is not a reliable database accept for through www.qualifiedinvestorregister.com. Australian Investors should register themselves, companies, and or status to see if they can take part in international IPOs through this exemption.

Hong Kong Sophisticated Professional Investor. Within the Hong Kong sophisticated professional investor definitions, a high net-worth individual has one of the following, a portfolio of not less than HK$ 8millon, corporations or partnerships or trustee companies with portfolios of that size or total assets of HK$40 million, or corporations that solely act as investment holding companies, and owned by a sophisticated professional investor. As a Hong Kong professional I suggest seeing if you qualify today for the Sophisticated Investor Register. (http://www.sophisticatedinvestorregister.com)

UK Sophisticated Investor – Qualified Investor – High Net Worth Investor. As a UK Sophisticated, High Net Worth, Qualified Investor,within the UK definitions of a sophisticated investor, the register is extremely important, especially for Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes where by the company can’t both market and sell to a sophisticated investor that they the fund certified. Having the persons go to a third party first for certification, such as the http://www.sophisticatedinvestorregister.com allows for the promoters of a UCIS to send their investors to register first through the “third party” and return with the certification to invest within the collective investment scheme. Therefore all firms working with UCIS projects should send their investors to the register to ensure they don’t fall foul of Artcile 23 PCIS Order. It is the responsibility of the provider and distributor to send them to this third party register to return to the investment scheme and make a placement.

UK Investors who wish to take advantage of major foreign and local IPOs should consider certifying through a register so that they fully comprehend the risks and benefits. A sophisticated and qualified investor must update their certificate on a 12 month cycle. The Sophisticated Investor Register reminds and keeps informed the register members to ensure this information is kept up to date by the member and they re-certify annually.

The “high net worth” and “sophisticated investor used to be made by a third party and it became apparent that the exemptions were being rarely used due to their being a lack of a registry and cost of the process. This undermined the investors from having the opportunity to take part in IPOs and investments and effected the intention which was to raise funds through private equity from business angels for IPOs and small business. In the UK, a high net worth individual must certify the annual income must is in access of 100,000 GBP, net assets in excess of 250,000 GBP excluding primary residence, insurance, and pension policies. As a sophisticated investor, the potential investor has to certify if they are a member of a network or syndicate of business angels for the last 6 months, has made more than one investment in an unlisted company in the previous two years, has worked in the previous two years in a professional capacity in the private equity sectors or in the provision of finance for small or medium sized companies, or has been in the previous two years a director of a company with an annual turnover of at least 1 million GBP.

The easiest process of understanding your position is to register today at http://www.sophisticatedinvestorregister.com.



IPO’s and Going Public In Europe Made Easier By IFXBG, the FSE Listings and Berlin Stock Exchange Listings Consortium – List Fast, Finance Fast and stay at the front of the Stock Markets!

FSE Listings Inc, as part of the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group, IFXBG Limited consortium have been educating companies and investors on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, German Market, UK Markets, and Canadian markets for over 15 years as a consortium.

Recent changes by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange only help the firms who are doing business on Frankfurt and in Germany, where by a prospectus is required and a higher level of transparency. The positive outcome of these changes will include:

  • Higher faith of investors both institutional and retail
  • Offerings which have a broader based on investors enabling more capital to be raised under the EU prospectus directive
  • The ability to qualify immediately for Bond financing in access of 5-100 million euro
  • The ability to utilize our network of over a 100 Billion USD in funds, Banks, Brokers, and high-net worth investors
  • Higher Liquidity and continual trading

As the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has described, the central roles of an exchange is raising of capital for companies of the “real economy.”

This real economy has been the motivation of our business as listing specialists, to help firms avoid the untruthful promoters and firms who claim to be able to assist your firm but have not been able to accomplish your goals because what they didn’t inform you that transparency, substance, and due diligence are a real part of this economy.
In addition to real economies are the benefit of “real markets” where there is the ability to promote the shares of your firm openly, increase trading volume, and widen the base of investors in your firm.
The new regulations in the financial sector (Basel 3, EMIR, MiFID2) have driven European Stock Exchange Listings to build sustainable platform’s for raising capital in order to ensure growth, wealth, and employment.

IFXBG Limited (www.ifxbg.com) have the ability to list firms, finance, bond, and grow on the European Regulated and unregulated exchanges. As a licensed broker dealer, IFXBG can file prospectus documents through the FSA registration and meet the European Directive and requirement of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As a Financial Institution by definition, there is few better partners to work with in Europe for financing your company and listing. Unlike a simple Law firm, who has the capacity to advice, a registered broker dealer meets all of the new requirements of regulated markets in Europe for listing, filing, raising capital, and prospectus directives.

In order to build confidence with the investor, you need to work with professional teams that build confidence through their experience, status, and professionalism.
Our firm ensures your listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin, or Primary Market where you are listed has continual tradability and high liquidity, financing, and market support.

Our firm has been active with listing companies and representing our consortium on the following markets:

  • Berlin Stock Exchange
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Bourse)
  • GXG Markets
  • Plus Markets
  • TSX.V
  • CNSX

In addition, we can participate in financing companies utilizing our Bond financing on all major designated stock exchange markets, excluding the US OTCBB which is not an exchange by definition.

If you are listed on the ASX, TSX, JSE, FSE, BSE, LSE, AIM, or any other major market and require financing, you can contact us today to see if you qualify by contacting Ryan@ifxbg.com.

With the possible discontinuance of the First Quotation Board (FQB) alternative markets we have been able to list and finance companies within include www.berlinstockexchangelistings.com, our counterpart for listing firms in Berlin. Info@bselistings.com.

In order to give your shareholders the opportunity to sell their shares via the exchange, we have been able to assist in building markets, cross trading, dual listing, and switching the primary listing for firms to meet the demands of the company, liquidity, and growth.

The most immediate solution is hiring our firm to develop a EU prospectus document, third party valuation, and identify the best market to list on and go public for your firm.
An IPO and going public requires an investment bank, as a full service listing, investment bank, filing, and listing firm, your best choice is with IFXBG, the FSE Listings and Berlin Listings Consortium, and our network of over 100 billion in institutional investors!

Contact Ryan@ifxbg.com to qualify your firm and begin the listing process today!


FSE LISTINGS – Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 03:12 PM
posted by admin

FSE LISTINGS – Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

Due to the increased regulations within the US for Pinksheet companies and OTCBB firms, more and more companies are realizing that even if they go public in the USA they can not deposit or sell their stock. Rules with regards to pennystock, shells, registrations, and Sarbanes Oxley have made it too expensive and too hard to run a firm in the US.

More companies are applying for FSE Listings from the US instead of their local exchange due to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s advantages:

  • Easier listings on the Frankfurt Exchange (3-6 weeks)
  • Low cost of Listing (60k euro)
  • Access to one of the largest group of equity investors in the world from the Deutsche Boerse/NYSE
  • Access to Bond’s and Qualifications for Institutional Investment
  • A liquid European market that trades over 14 trillion euro per annum in securities
  • There are no registration Requirements for Shares
  • Restrictions can be put on shares by resolution to maintain corporate structure and integrity for development stage firms

As one can read from FSE Listings blog’s prior to this post, not only are US Companies listing on the Frankfurt Exchange, firms from Australia, South Africa, Canada, the United States, Korea, Vietnam, China, India, are all listing on the Frankfurt Exchange to access FSE Listings Inc’s bond and capital financing structures.

The FSE Listings Inc Team …

… Always delivers results as the fastest listing and financing entity and firm available on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – No other firm compares. We challenge you to bring the proposals of anyone else, and we can show how our proposals, listing, and financing excel above all others in the market.

Many firms claim that listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is expensive, quoting as high as 100k euro for listing… we suggest you consider the fact that we are much less in cost and bundle more services than any other firm into our listing and financing packages for 60k euro.  The additional services we provide are the most important a firm can ask for… professional programs designed for your firm to have a market maker, make a market, Public Relations, Investor Relations and Lead Sources, multi-jurisdictional offerings, and access to licensed broker dealer networks and hedge funds.

Before discussing what we can do for you, we suggest you contact us and we will walk you through a free pre-valuation which will decide the amount of capital available to your firm, the market cap, share value, and timeframe for listing of your firm!

After we have you as a client, we can plan how we will generate investor interest in your Frankfurt Shares through website development, online marketing, marketing materials and brochures, roadshows, press releases, conferences, and introductions to our large network of capital partners. FSE Listings Inc is the largest online network focused on supplying  services to firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month, the FSE Listings network of websites is the best exposure for your firm for the largest source of professionals, investors, and press.

Some of the terms used to describe the Frankfurt Stock Exchange include, DAX listings, Deutsche Boerse Listings, Deutsche Borse Listings, Frankfurt Listings, Frankfurt Exchange listings, FTSE Listings, First Quotation Board, Xetra Listings.

Contact Robert Russell today, Russell@fselistings.com and get your free valuation and market cap estimate!

FSE Listings


Why the European Crisis is the opportunity for a corporation to raise money in Europe with Frankfurt Listings and Bonds

The current tension about the possibility of downgrading various country ratings with the S&P is driving institutional investors to purchase bonds and invest in Companies who are at par or less risk than Countries themselves!

Institutional investors generally take positions in no less than 50 million euro packages into Countries and Companies globally in the trillions of euros invested annually. The crisis has leveled the playing field putting companies and countries at a level playing field within the AA rated and AAA rated categories. It is important, because many firms and listing agencies claim to build bonds, but our partners develop AA rated Bonds! The rating is the key with competing.

As a Country outside of Europe, you also get the benefit of the institutions leveraging emerging markets and or opportunties outside of their own predicament.

How can small businesses take advantage of the Crisis with Listings?

FSE Listings Inc lists companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and then utilizing your public company listing packages together 50 million euro of AA rated bonds to finance the company. The package is often sold within 20-30 days of listing and bonding the company.

A minimum of 2.5 million euro per company and maximum of 5 million euro. (There are special instruments and compartments within the funds that can qualify for 50 million euro or more.)

Now you as a company can access and compete with Countries and gain institutional investment. As the stock markets in the world try to stabilize, a prospectus and listing with a Frankfurt Listing company is often not enough surety to get investment. Bonds are in demand for the institutions, and the rating of a cash flow positive company with assets is stronger than a poorly run Country who is leveraged. The institutions are making the smart choice, and switching from investing in the red and going into the Companies themselves. This could be one of the most explosive trends for raising capital and building businesses in a decade! With the regulation of Hedge Funds and downgrading of Countries, investment dollars are looking for a secure return.

The only firm in the world that offers the Frankfurt Listing combined with AA Rated Bond issuances is FSE Listings Inc and IFXBG. (International Financial Exchange and Banking Group)

Don’t fall for the prospectus pushers who raise no money for your firm, or equity-lines that are based on market volume, get financed based on value with the best securities tool to access institutional investors!

How do you start?

Contact FSE Listings today to see if you qualify! Info@fselistings.com

AA Rating is the new Black says Bloomberg, there may never be AAA ratings – it’s time for you to take advantage of the trend while it exists!


FSE Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings and Issue Bonds versus working with Equity Placement firms, Equity Lines or Equity Capital Partners

Initially one needs to understand the cost to a company of taking shareholder equity. By committing to Equity Placement firms and or Equity Line holders shares of the firm, you are giving them a direct claim to your firms profits proportionate to their investment and holding of your firm. Therefore, you as a company need to consider:

The Real Cost Of Money – The cost of issuing shares is higher in the long-term than that of developing a debt instrument such as a bond. For example, the limitation of a Bond with a 10% yield, a shareholder is limitless based on a portion ownership of your firms growth. A Bond may be over 5 years, and the capital invested increases your capacity by 50%, so the funds in place are justifiable for the coupon payment of 10%. After 5 years, your firm earns all the profits of the decision made. With shares and shareholders, as long as there are shareholders, they have a right to the profits of the company ongoing. Often companies underestimate the real costs to gain the shareholders, which are in short the immediate and ongoing cost of legal, accounting, financial advisory, governance and corporate professionals such as brokers, bankers, and sponsors. In the current markets, these costs can absorb up to 50% of funds raised in an IPO, and sometimes they are costs that exceed the capital raised directly related to their services. Often, after the exercise of writing a prospectus and preparing your firm to raise capital, the capital raising in the private equity market depends on your ability to help raise money and pay attention to the shareholders and potential investors to gain the investment. The time consuming exercise deteriorates even some of the strongest businesses as the focus is on capital and not the company management and profitability during that timeframe. This is a high cost.

Loss of Control – The Company loses control to make decisions as it is required to consult with the shareholders of the Company. This is a difficult choice for entrepreneurs, and it is even more difficult when trying to set the today value of the dreams, aspirations, and blue sky of a firm to an investor. Often private equity involves losing more control than debt of the operations and decision making of a company.

Downward Pressure on the firm’s value – Go public and merger law related firms, or firms who offer equity lines of credit, convertible debentures, and private placement services at a discount of your share price create pressure on your stock and companies value. Especially the Bridge Loan programs for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, whereby they take their 5% of the shares and sell them into the market or at a discount to shareholders who liquidate based on emotion as they have no relationship with your firm and its success. Equity line firms strive on being issued shares for no upfront cash over a 15 day period or more so that they can sell shares into your market pushing down the stock value and bid so they can make more profit, of up to 50-90% in some cases. These PIPEs, Debt Financing, and special purpose private equity placements are toxic to companies who want to raise additional capital as their company value is driven down to pennies and control is ultimately diluted both in voting power and in their ability to raise and attract interest of capital. Beware of the equity partners and capital firms who offer Equity Lines, Private Placement, Bridge Capital, and Financing options prelisting of your firm. The most illiquid moment of a company is prelisting, and therefore, the owner of such a document actually has control of your firm before giving you a dime. The ability to apply pressure to anyone’s share price in our opinion is the ability to control someones firm. Bridge Loan (Sharks) and joker brokers who assist firms who do not have the 60k euro to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange prey on unsuspecting firms for their 5%+ of your deal and reputation to take advantage of your firm once it is listed. Don’t fall into the penny stock pump and dump scenario by avoiding these kinds of partners from the beginning. In addition, these firms may disguise their tactics by promising stock promotions of which you will be able to liquidate your shares and or your shareholders will be able to liquidate their shares into a vibrant market. We receive 5-10 phone calls per week from these types of stock promoter and bridge capital firms who are trying to sell their shares privately and exit the company. Their interest is not in your firm or your share price, its exiting their position. Be vigilant about who you choose as your partners, and before you choose anyone, get the advice of FSE Listings Inc as to their professional reputation by contacting www.fselistings.com.

Effects on the Balance Sheet and Financials

Dividends are paid from after-tax earnings, bond payments and interest payments are tax deductible. This affects the relative costs to the company of financing by issuing interest-based securities and financing through ordinary shares.

Everyone always thinks about listing a firm and raising private equity capital, however, public company shares are just the ability to offer shares and liquidate shares in a public arena. Thus, it gives a cash flow value to the shares of the company. Unlike private company shares that generally have no cash flow value. By listing your firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, your shares have cash value to insurance firms and debtors, who will develop a corporate securitized bond collateralized by the cash flow and assets of the company.

The Benefits of the Bond and Frankfurt Listing:

  • No loss of control
  • Interest and Coupon Payments that are tax
    deductible, not from after tax earnings
  • Limiting the claim to the companies prosperity
    to rate of interest or coupon payments versus a shareholder claim of the
    profits (the true cost of money)
  • Access to the full amount of capital required
  • No downward pressure on your share value or

If an investment in your firm could double capacity or greater over the next 5 years projections of your firm, you should be considering building a Bond and Frankfurt Listing with FSE Listings Robert Russell, Russell@fselistings.com. Contact us to see if you qualify by filling-out our documents and obtaining a
free pre-valuation of your firm!

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